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Weiti Bay

Trusted by Weiti Bay

WeitiBay is one of the finest development site on the eastern seafront of Auckland, with extraordinary views, and both wilderness and beach on your doorstep, you are surrounded by native trees and birds.

The COOLHOUSE passive energy or low energy designs fit the Weiti vision of being harmonious with the surrounding environment, as well providing a warm, comfortable, healthier and of course energy efficient home.

COOLHOUSE has been chosen as one of the select few building companies to supply architectural plans and building services that meet the stringent Weiti Bay ‘architecture code’.

We currently have three house designs that meet the Weiti ’architecture code’. And are working on further designs at present. If you are interested in our designs get in touch and we can create a low energy COOLHOUSE to meet your requirements.

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COOLHOUSE was designed by award-winning Jessop Architects. They can design you an individual, unique home incorporating passive design to suit your needs.

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