The Coolhouse Collection couples modern, architecturally-designed structures with the best passive house construction technologies. Specifically designed to suit the New Zealand climate, delivering healthy low energy homes that are warm, comfortable and beautiful.


The Benefits of owning a Coolhouse

Low Energy

A low energy house is well insulated and energy efficient, just not as
airtight as a Passive House. You won’t have the official Passive House certification but will still enjoy a healthy, warm, dry home.

Architecturally Designed

The Coolhouse Collection is designed by award-winning architect,
Darren Jessop. Jessop Architects designed and built the first certified passive house in Australasia. They know what needs to be known.

Quick to Build

Coolhouse construction is quick and efficient, with prefabricated floor, wall and ceiling panels trucked to and erected on your prepared site to produce a weathertight house in a matter of days.

The Coolhouse Collection


Crib Coolhouse

1 1

The Crib Coolhouse rivals some apartments currently on the market, with a floor area of 45m2 and a massive deck area of 30m2.

Mint Coolhouse

3 1

Suited to a compact section, this three bedroom family home makes the most of all the important things.

Mini Coolhouse

1 1

A studio that can transform your holiday hideaway or may even suit that teenager who needs their own space but isn't ready to leave home.

Interested in a Coolhouse? Own one in six easy steps.