Darren Jessop

2 Architect

Darren Jessop is an award-winning architect who is committed to excellence. He is the designer of Australasia’s first certified Passive House, which has recently claimed recognition and has been selected as a finalist in the International Passive House Awards 2014. The look and feel of his architecture can be considered modern pacific rim with classic lines, resulting in timeless structures.

The inspiration for COOLHOUSE came about through Darren’s learning experience with Passive House construction techniques. COOLHOUSE was developed with the aim of improving the way homes are built in New Zealand and by enabling a healthy low energy (and low cost) way of living. Darren believes that creative, cool design doesn’t need to be compromised when building a low energy home.

Kirsten Dovey

Project Coordinator

Kirsten is an engineer who has extensive knowledge of the construction/architectural industry. She is passionate about green technology and low energy solutions, and will make them accessible to New Zealand home owners.

From start to finish, Kirsten is your main COOLHOUSE contact and will ensure the process is seamless; overseeing design, planning, construction and energy efficient perspectives to provide you with your perfect home.


Jon Begg

COOLHOUSE Master Craftsman

Jon has extensive experience in building distinctive and unique environments, creating spaces that inspire relationships to grow. An Affiliated member of the Certified Builders Association and Licensed Building Practitioners, Jon is a key asset to our business.

A diverse and vast mix of environments, materials and clients has afforded Jon an understanding of this industry that few others experience. He knows how to deliver superb craftsmanship. His passion to improve New Zealand building standards and home efficiency forms the very essence of COOLHOUSE.

Greg Robbins

Project Manager

Greg has over 25 years of experience in the building industry. He believes that construction today is a “maze of legal, town planning, environmental and public interest issues that effect all projects one way or another”, and he provides an effective and coordinated management of all these issues.