COOLHOUSE | ku:l•hau̇s

1) A home of modern, architectural design using the low energy principles of passive house construction, ideal for the New Zealand climate

2) Warm, comfortable and beautiful


The COOLHOUSE Collection couples modern, architecturally-designed structures with the best passive house construction technologies. Specifically designed to suit the New Zealand climate, delivering healthy low energy homes that are warm, comfortable and beautiful.

The Benefits of owning a COOLHOUSE


The low energy COOLHOUSE is well insulated and more energy efficient than a standard build, just not as airtight as a Certified Passive House. You won’t have the official Passive House certification but you can still enjoy a healthy, warm and dry home.

Architecturally Designed

The COOLHOUSE Collection was designed by award-winning architect, Darren Jessop of Jessop Architects. This multi-disciplinary architectural firm designed and managed the build of the first certified passive house in Australasia.

Construction Options

Like the design but not looking to build low energy? COOLHOUSE offers both Low Energy build and also standard NZ Building Code build. We understand the importance New Zealanders place on design – now you can have the look without the Low Energy elements, or we can make the spec as eco friendly as you want.

Interested in a COOLHOUSE? Own one in 5 easy steps.

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